Prince William,


I am running because I want to see our students succeed, ensure safety in our schools, give our kids enough space to learn, and make sure Prince William County recruits and retains the best teachers.


I have twin passions for public service and public education. When the former School Board Chairman stepped down, I saw an opportunity. I want to make sure that we are helping all of our kids learn, not just directing all of our resources to the top and bottom performers.


Like most parents, I get that sinking feeling when I see the news alert flash on my phone about an ongoing school shooting. I ask myself questions like “Is it my kids' school?” and “Are we doing everything possible to secure our campuses?” I want the parents and students of Prince William County to know that we are taking every measure possible to keep our students and faculty safe.


One of our biggest challenges is cutting overcrowding in our schools and reducing the number of trailers used as classrooms. Prince William County has one of the highest student-per-classroom ratios in Virginia. I will work to alleviate these overcrowding situations and renovate our students' learning environments.


We also need to have competitive salaries so that the best teachers are trained here and choose to remain in Prince William County throughout their careers.


When I was running for the Board of County Supervisors, I talked a lot about education because it is 60% of our county's budget. Corey Stewart once told me in a debate that I spoke so much about education that I should run for School Board Chair. Well, here I am.

Babur Lateef

Babur Lateef, campaigning for Prince William School Board Chair
Babur Lateef, trusted eye doctor in Northern Virginia
Babur Lateef, candidate for Prince William School Board Chairman